Radio stations nationwide have been clamoring for copies of...


SALT LAKE CITY -- Radio stations nationwide have been clamoring for copies of a song written by a Utah disc jockey, condemning the Soviet Union for shooting down a Korean commercial jetliner.

'The Russians are liars and they know we are right,' says the chorus accompanied by music from 'Eye of the Tiger,' the theme song for the movie Rocky III.


It says in part: 'They must face the challenge of their rivals. As the communist killers try to sleep late at night, they know in their hearts that the Russians are liars.'

The rock song, written by morning disc jockey Kip Kraddick of radio station KLRZ, was recorded by Kraddick and KLRZ News Director Steve Craig. It's called 'The Russians are Liars.'

The station played the song for the first time Tuesday and Kraddick said he immediately received about 600 phone calls from listeners praising it and asking him to play it again.

The station Thursday was still getting up to 60 requests an hour, he said. Kraddick said he has received inquiries for copies from at least 25 radio stations across the nation.

Copies of the record have been sent to President Reagan, who is mentioned in the song, Secretary of State George Shultz, U.S. House Speaker Tip O'Neill and the Pentagon, Kraddick said.


Kraddick said he wrote the song because he felt Americans were too apathetic about the incident. The Korean 747 carrying 269 people was blown out of the sky inside Soviet air space near the Sakhalin Islands, north of Japan, last week.

'No way was it done in jest,' he said. 'We're not joking around.'

'They shot it down with Russianglory,' the song goes. 'They lost the grip on the peace of the past. They made sure that no one was alive.

'How would they (Russians) feel without any wheat? It's hard to fight when you're hungry. President Reagan must put on the heat. Let the Reds know America's alive.'

The station has received some critical calls from people at a public television station who say they want equal time on the air to respond, Kraddick said.

Other callers have accused the station of 'promoting hatred,' he said. But he added that calls supporting the song have been running 40 to 1 against those against.

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