U.S. ambassador to Guatemala Frederic Chapin Saturday announced the...

GUATEMALA CITY -- U.S. ambassador to Guatemala Frederic Chapin Saturday announced the United States will give the new Guatemalan government at least $79 million in aid this year.

According to the Guatemalan Information Service, Chapin said that an initial fund of $79 million will be channeled this year to the government of Gen. Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores, who took power in a military coup last Monday.


Chapin said 'it is thought that by the end of the fiscal year, Sept. 30, another $25 million will be available in aid and loan funds,' the agencyreported.

Chapin did not specify how much would be in the form of military aid.

U.S. aid to Guatemala was suspended in 1978 under the Carter administration following Amnesty International reports of human rights violations by the goverment of former Guatemalan president Gen. Romeo Lucas Garcia.

In another development, the general who won the 1981 presidential elections by fraud, sparking the coup that thrust now-ousted Efrain Rioss Montt to power, was kicked out of the army by the new government, officials said.

Gen. Anival Guevara, the official candidate in the March 23, 1981 elections, was thrown out of the army for 'making political statements,' according to Mejia.


Guevara recently said 'as candidate, I continue to maintain that in the 1981 elections there was no fraud.'

Mejia Victores responded in a press conference by saying, 'If Guevara wants to dedicate himself to politics, he will have to leave the army.'

After Guevara was declared president elect by the national congress, then-president Gen. Romeo Lucas Garcia wasousted from power by a group of young officers before he could take office in early 1982.

Rios Montt eventually emerged from the junta created by the 1982 coup only to see his own government toppled by another military coup last week.

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