President Reagan has a favorite Russian story to point...

WASHINGTON -- President Reagan has a favorite Russian story to point out U.S. superiority in economic productivity.

He told it twice Friday to two separate visiting groups -- the Future Farmers of America and the association of public school principals.


'I'm kind of making a collection of jokes that the Russian people tell their about their own country,' he told the young farmers.

The joke involves a Russian commissar who went out to one of the collective farms. He stopped one of the workers there, and asked him how things were, and if there were any complaints.

'Oh, no, sir,' the worker replied. 'I've never heard anyone around here complain about anything.'

'We'll what about the crops?', the commissar asked. 'Oh,' the worker said, 'the crops, just greater than ever.'

'And the potato harvest?' inquired the commissar.

'If we piled all the potatoes we've harvested up in one pile, they'd reach the foot of God,' the worker replied.

The commissar reproved the worker, saying 'This is the Soviet Union, there is no God.'

'That's all right,' the worker responded. 'There aren't any potatoes either.'

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