Finland's film censors have cut a subtitle from 'Octopussy,'...

HELSINKI, Finland -- Finland's film censors have cut a subtitle from 'Octopussy,' the new James Bond movie starring Roger Moore, for fear of offending the Soviet Union.

The offensive words are part of a scene in which somebody says of a dying spy: 'He would have been a hero of the Soviet Union'.


Finnish audiences will be allowed to hear the line in English, but be unable to read it in Finnish or Swedish, the country's two official languages.

Jerker A.M. Eriksson, director of the state censorship board, today cited a clause sanctioning bans and cuts from films that 'might affect in a negative way relations between Finland and other countries'.

Earlier this year the American spy movie 'Enigma,' in which two defectors return to East Germany, was banned in Finland.

'On average we ban one film every two years on political grounds,' Eriksson said.

'I think we're getting more of them because the cold war is getting colder,' he said.

Seven movies were banned in 1982, mainly because they were pornographic or too brutal.

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