A woman convicted of poisoning her fourth husband by...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A woman convicted of poisoning her fourth husband by lacing soft drinks and ice cream with arsenic is facing a trial on charges she killed her third husband by a similar method.

A Jefferson County jury Thursday found Lucy Pauline Rogers guilty of attempted murder and the jury recommended she receive the maximum 20 years in prison.


Mrs. Rogers attorneys admitted during the three-day trial that Mrs. Rogers gave Luther Rogers soft drinks and ice cream laced with arsenic.

But during the trial their arguments for her doing so changed from saying she had been abused to saying she felt in 'the strange workings of her mind' that if her husband got sick, she would get closer to him.

Luther Rogers, confined to a wheelchair, testified at the trial concerning what he termed 'his troubled marriage.'

Mrs. Rogers is accused of the arsenic poisoning of her third husband, Morris Lee Amos, and will be tried on that charge in October.

Amos' body was exumed June 4, 1982, two days after she was arrested for the poisoning of Rogers. Amos' death had been diagnosed a heart attack but an autopsy on the exhumed body showed arsenic traces and Jefferson County Coroner Richard Greathouse ruled that arsenic had killed Amos.


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