Shirt fits the EPA to a T

WASHINGTON -- They're saying it with T-shirts at EPA: 'I Survived the Ice Queen's Acid Reign.'

Along with the reference to former EPA Administrator Anne Gorsuch Burford, known as the ice queen because of her aloofness, the T-shirts sport a list of political appointees who have left EPA in recent weeks and a quote from Mrs. Burford: 'Doing more with less.'


Mike Burns, who works in the Environmental Protection Agency's hazardous-waste division, took three hours of leave Thursday to peddle the T-shirts and reported business was booming.

'It was great,' he said, 'there were people lined up and it looked like a garment district fire sale.'

Burns said fellow EPA employees bought 300 of the T-shirts and the office of Rep. David Sawyer, R-Mich., ordered four dozen more.

The T-shirts originated in EPA's Denver regional office, Burns said.

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