Don Cherry, former coach of the Boston Bruins and...

MONTREAL -- Don Cherry, former coach of the Boston Bruins and Colorado Rockies, will coach the St. Louis Blues if the club is moved next season to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, it was reported Monday.

The Montreal Gazette said Cherry was 'certain to be named coach of the team if the Blues franchise is allowed to go to Saskatoon.'


Cherry, known for his unusual dress and consultations with his dog 'Blue' about important hockey decisions, was an outspoken and amusing commentator on Canadian hockey broadcasts last season.

His last coaching job was in 1979-80, when the Rockies finished in last place.

Cherry was best known as coach of the Bruins for four seasons during the 1970's. He bowed out after overtime in the seventh game of a 1978-79 playoff series against the four-time Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens.

The NHL Board of Governors meets Wednesday on Long Island to vote on whether to approve the sale of the Blues from Ralston Purina of St. Louis to a Saskatoon group headed by businessman Bill Hunter. The board must also approve the transfer of the club to the Canadian prairie city with a population of 160,000.

Another option of the NHL clubowners is to buy the Blues themselves and keep the team in St. Louis until a new owner can be found.


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