The Milwaukee Brewers have filed suit accusing Texas A&M...


HOUSTON -- The Milwaukee Brewers have filed suit accusing Texas A&M quarterback Kevin Murray of reneging on his baseball signing bonus and seeking an injunction forbidding football coach Jackie Sherrill from playing him.

The federal court suit, which also names Texas A&M University as a defendant, is scheduled for an injunction hearing before U.S. District Judge Gabrielle McDonald May 16.


The suit accuses Sherill of inducing Murray, an all-round athlete from North Dallas High School, of reneging on a baseball deal signed last June. Murray signed a college letter of intent with Texas A&M in February 1982.

'The kid made the decision (to come to A&M),' said A&M spokesman Charley Thornton. 'I don't think we went out and recruited him. I remember we were surprised when the kid contacted us about coming back to school.'

Murray joined the Brewers' rookie league team in Pikeville, Ky., where he hit .178 and developed a sore arm last summer. He quit baseball and enrolled at A&M in January and went through spring football drills as the No. 3 quarterback.

The Brewers filed suit April 13 and the next day Judge McDonald gave them a temporary restraining order that barred Murray from spring practice. He missed nine workouts as well as a gae between the varsity and former students.


Murray could have played professional baseball and college football at the same time, as did Stanford quarterback John Elway, who also played for the New York Yankees last year.

But the Brewers claim his contract included a provision forbidding him from playing college football.

'You don't get money to do something and then don't do it,' said Brewers' lawyer John Dawson of Milwaukee.

Murray's lawyer, Mike Swan of Houston, said the Brewers decided to sue after Murray, discouraged by his first summer in the pro ranks, said he was quitting baseball.

Swan said he had instructed Murray, who at this point does not have a Texas A&M football scholarship, not to talk about the lawsuit during final exams.

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