FAA drops one charge against lawn chair pilot

LOS ANGELES -- The Federal Aviation Administration has dropped one of four charges filed against a man who flew a lawn chair suspended from weather balloons over the city's harbor, it was disclosed Wednesday.

The FAA earlier cited Larry Walters, 33, in connection with his July 2, 1982, flight and sought to impose $4,000 in penalties.


The agency originally alleged that Walters failed to obtain an airworthiness certificate for his lawn chair, did not stay in radio communication with the tower at Long Beach Airport, created a collision danger to other aircraft and failed to take care to prevEnt hazards to the life and property of others.

But after a hearing last week, the FAA decided that Walters' lawn chair was not required to have an aircraft certificate.

A spokesman for the agency said it would accept $3,000 in penalties. Walters said he would admit failing to maintain two-way radio contact with the airport, and pay a $1,000 fine, if the FAA drops the other two charges.

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