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BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -- Defying a constitutional court ruling that rationing is illegal, the Yugoslav capital Monday introduced coupons for cooking oil, coffee and washing powder.

'I do not like rationing; it reminds me of the days after World War II when we had nothing.


But, yet it is nicer to see these shelves stocked now with oil and coffee,' said a 52-year-old woman in a downtown supermarket.

The coupons given to Belgrade's 1.4 million population ration edible oil to 2.1 pints and a mixture of coffee and barley to 5.5 ounces per person a month. The rationing of detergent for washing machines goes into force later in the month.

The court said only the federal government may introduce rationing for the whole country, but about 220 municipalities have introduced 'temporary' rationing of some staple goods in short supply.

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