Penthouse magazine has been slapped with a second invasion...

SAN FRANCISCO -- Penthouse magazine has been slapped with a second invasion of privacy suit for a photograph taken of private citizens at San Francisco's 'Exotic, Erotic Masquerade Ball.'

Marianee Arreaga, 23, of San Anselmo filed the $10 million lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court Wednesday, charging the picture of her and two others shows her 'scantily clad with private portions of her body exposed.'


The man in the photograph, John Martin of Hayward, filed suit Tuesday contending he had just walked up to the two women when photographer Chris Forgerson shot the picture.

There was no compelling reason or news value in publishing such a picture of private citizens, the suits said.

The lawsuits, both filed by attorney Dan Horowitz, name Forgerson as a defendant.

Ms. Arreaga, who lives with her parents and has worked in television commercials, said she is afraid the magazine appearance may hamper her career. She said her father refused to talk to her for some time after the issue hit the stands.

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