The Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority,...

TYLER, Texas -- The Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, said Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin shares his views on Israel's growth and predicted the West Bank never will be given back.

'(Prime Minister Menachem) Begin is the first prime minister to believe in the inerrancy (literal truthfulness) of the Old Testament,' Falwell said in a copyright story in Sunday's editions of the Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph.


Falwell, calling Begin a personal friend, said the Book of Genesis predicts Israel eventually will have boundaries on the Euphrates and Nile rivers. That territory, under the Biblical view, would encompass parts of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait.

'Begin will quickly tell you, 'We don't have all the land yet we're going to have,'' Falwell said.

But the evangelist stressed that Begin would not aggressively try to gain the land. Begin is simply trying to keep the land 'which has been delivered to them (the Israelis),' he said.

Falwell said Begin believed that God, not man, would set the timetable on Israel's future.

Falwell said the Camp David accords were an attempt to 'blackmail' Israel into turning over the Sinai to Egypt, and he predicted, 'I don't think the West Bank will be given back.'


The evangelist said God views nations by their relationship to Israel.

'God deals with nations in relation to how nations deal with Israel,' he said. 'I believe God blesses America and has blessed America because we have blessed Abraham and have blessed the Jews.

'I think if America, for example, turned against Israel, our value to God wouldcease to be. We are important to God only if we meet his priorities on this Earth.'

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