British pilots reprimanded

WILDENRATH, West Germany -- A judge today reprimanded two Royal Air Force flyers who accidentally shot down a $11.5 million British Jaguar fighter over West Germany.

Pilot Lt. Roy Lawrence, 35, of Wales and navigator Lt. Alistair Invararity, 38, of Scotland, could have been sentenced to jail terms of two years each under the charges, but were only reprimanded by a judge advocate .


The court martial followed a May 1982 exercise over the Dutch-West German border when a Phantom jet flown by Lawrence and Invararity shot down an RAF Jaguar fighter with a sidewinder missile.

The jaguar pilot ejected safely and was not hurt.

Prosecutors charged the flyers were negligent, but Lawrence said he had forgotten his aircraft was fitted with live missiles.

Prosecutor Capt. Christopher Eadie told the hearing that 'a Phantom fitted with eight live missiles has a capacity for dealing death and destruction which imposes an onerous duty to take maximum care.'

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