Police had no choice but to shoot a teenaged...

SASKATOON -- Police had no choice but to shoot a teenaged gunman who had held a hostage for 21 hours because the captor was irrational and dangerous, a Saskatoon police spokesman said Wednesday.

Police identified the hostage-taker as Richard Dean Landrie, 18, a former air cadet.


Coroner Dr. Donald Boyd ordered an inquest and an autopsy Wednesday but set no date for the hearing.

A police sharpshooter shot and killed Landrie as he and his hostage, security guard Kevin Bourk, 17, fled Tuesday from the townhouse where Bourk had been held captive.

Saskatoon police Insp. Lawrence Totland said Landrie had used Bourk as a shield in front of him as both fled to escape flames that had erupted in the townhouse.

Totland said a police sharpshooter opened fire when Landrie aimed his automatic rifle at Bourk, who had slipped and fallen.

Police said Landrie, who had fired 50 rounds from a small-calibre assault rifle dueing the siege, was dressed in combat fatigues, his face blackened with grease paint.

Wagner said Bourk, who received his injury during a volley of gunfire by Landrie, was taken to hospital for treatment of a minor gunshot wound to his hand.


Police said Bourk was wounded early Tuesday in the volley of gunfire by Landrie.

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