E.T. makes royal couple cry

LONDON -- Princess Diana and Prince Charles both cried during the British premier of the movie 'E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial.' The royal couple also spent a good deal of time laughing at the hit Hollywood film.

'I needed my hankies,' Diana told Drew Barrymore, a child actor in the movie, after the royal viewing at London's Empire theater. Diana shed tears at the scene when the extra terrestrial creature appears to be dying.


'The princess cried and I think Prince Charles had a tear in his eye, too,' said the film's director, Steven Spielberg, who was among many celebrities attending the event. 'But they both laughed as much as they cried.'

'Prince Charles cried,' confirmed actor Harrison Ford, who starred in Spielberg's previous blockbuster, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' still one of the most popular films in Britain.

The Daily Express newspaper answered one of the perplexing questions of the night: If Diana cried, how did she keep her royal mascara from running?

Answer: She used a waterproof makeup.

Diana's own infant son, Prince William, remained home with his nanny.

Miss Barrymore, a granddaughter of actor John Barrymore, presented Diana with an 'E.T.' stuffed doll as an early Christmas present for her 5-month-old son.


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