Falklands war cost Britain $1.19 billion

LONDON -- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher told the House of Commons Tuesday the Falklands war against Argentina cost Britain an estimated $1.19 billion.

Answering a Commons question, Mrs. Thatcher said 'the cost to the defense budget up to the end of September was an estimated 700 million pounds ($1.19 billion).'


She added that $17 million of this has been allocated for rehabilitation work in the islands in the South Atlantic.

Asked whether she or the government had any advance warning of the Argentine invasion April 2, Mrs. Thatcher said 'As I have already said in a number of speeches, there was no advance warning.'

She added, 'The whole House will be glad that the people of the Falkland islands have been restored to freedom and justice. Being a democratic and free people, they have the democratic right to decide their own future.'

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