Actor produces diary he says belonged to Marilyn Monroe

LANCASTER, Ohio -- Actor Ted Jordan took a reporter to an Ohio hill and dug up a box that contained a diary given the actor 22 years ago by sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, the Columbus Citizen-Journal reported today.

A much-publicized search for Miss Monroe's so-called 'red diary' was launched in Los Angeles on the 20th anniversary of her death Aug. 5. Milo Speriglio, a Los Angeles private detective, has said that diary contained proof Miss Monroe was slain and did not commit suicide.


Jordan became a figure in the investigation after he said in August he had the 'red dairy.' He later reneged on that statement, saying the book he had was only a collection of love poems.

He later said the book was stolen from the back seat of his car.

Wednesday, however, Jordan admitted deceiving investigators about the whereabouts of the diary and dug it out of the ground.

The actor said Miss Monroe left the diary at Jordan's home in California in 1960. It contained a collection of love poems, intimate recollections and names and addresses written by Miss Monroe, Jordan said.

Jordan said he unearthed his volume to end the questions about the elusive 'red diary' that reportedly disappeared after the actress's death.


'I think it's time to kill the story about the diary. I think it's time to just leave Marilyn alone. Some of the things (Speriglio) mentions are not in the book, and the diary they're talking about is fabricated,' he said.

He said he will turn the diary over to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office when he returns to his home in Marina Del Ray, Calif. The district attorney has been conducting an investigation into Miss Monroe's death for two months.

Embossed with the words 'Travel Diary' on the cover, the book does not contain dated entries or mention state secrets, he said.

The box was buried at the base of a tree atop Mount Pleasant near Lancaster, a central Ohio community where Jordan grew up.

In addition to the diary, Jordan produced other items from the box he said were Miss Monroe's -- a handkerchief, gloves, costume jewelry and photographs of Jordan. He said he gave Miss Monroe most of the items when the two were lovers, and she returned them to him after the romance cooled.

He said he misled investigators because, 'I was scared. Not only was I getting about 300 calls a day from reporters, but about 30 threats to my life, also.'


Jordan said he and Miss Monroe met at the 20th Century Fox studios in the early 1940s and became lovers during the summer of 1944. They continued to see one another occasionally for several years, he said.

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