Bloomingdale's mistress describes sexual escapades


LOS ANGELES -- Alfred Bloomingdale's mistress says the late adviser to President Reagan was a sadistic 'Jekyll and Hyde' who regularly bound and beat nude prostitutes in a sexual ritual that 'scared me to death.'

In a 231-page sworn deposition released Monday, Vicki Morgan said she participated in sessions in which Bloomingdale tied up and hit women and made them crawl on the floor. The document was filed to support her $11 million suit against Bloomingdale.


'Alfred was two people,' said Miss Morgan, the former model who filed the sensational palimony suit against the Diners Club cofounder last July, less than six weeks before Bloomingdale died of cancer at 66.

'He was Jekyll and Hyde and in that personality of his, which is the sexual part. Alfred was strange,' she said. 'I don't mean a fantasy. I mean a sickness. I truly mean a sickness.'


Attorneys for the Bloomingdale estate have not denied the affair took place, but argued in a motion to dismiss the suit that any financial arrangement was a 'contract for prostitution' and not legally binding. A Superior Court judge was expected to rule on the defense request this week.

Her palimony suit claims one of her duties was to serve as 'therapist to help overcome his 'Marquis de Sade' complex,' a tendency to obtain sexual gratification from inflicting pain on others.

In the transcript released Monday, Miss Morgan described in detail her long affair with Bloomingdale -- a member of Reagan's elite kitchen cabinet.

Miss Morgan said she met Bloomingdale when he followed her into a popular Sunset Strip restaurant in August 1969, when she was 17. She said he started calling her as many as 20 times a day for the next two months, trying to convince her to go out.

Miss Morgan, who was married at the time, said she eventually accepted and met Bloomingdale behind Schwab's drug store. She and an unidentified woman then followed Bloomingdale in a separate car to a house in the Hollywood Hills.

'Alfred has a real interest in you and I'm here to tell you that he's going to beat you when he sees you up at the house as he does all the hookers he sees,' the woman reportedly told Miss Morgan.


Miss Morgan said when she arrived she and Bloomingdale had a half hour conversation 'about me being his mistress.'

'I said, 'Okay, but I'm married,' and ... he told me to find out from my husband what it would take to get rid of him, financially, and that we were going to have a little fun upstairs and I would really enjoy it ... '

Miss Morgan said they went upstairs and encountered two naked women. She said Bloomingdale began undressing and instructed a woman named Kaye to get 'the equipment, which is Alfred Bloomingdale's belt, his ties that he wears around his neck ...'

Bloomingdale beat the two women 'until they cried' and later had sex with Miss Morgan, she said.

'Alfred asked me, 'Wasn't that fun?'' she said. 'Alfred had a look in his eyes, believe me when I say this, a look in his eyes and his face that scared me to death. He was a different person, literally a different person, and I was scared to death to say anything but 'yes,' and you better believe I said, 'Yes, this is fun.''

Sometimes, Miss Morgan said, she would beat the women and Bloomingdale would watch.

'He had the girls crawl on the floor and he'd sit on their backs ... and drool. Okay? I mean he'd drool.'


Asked why she didn't flee the house, Miss Morgan said: 'I was scared to leave at that point, and at the same time, Alfred is the most fascinating man I had ever met in my entire life.'

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