Princess Grace was buried in the Cathedral of Monaco...

MONTE CARLO, Monaco -- Princess Grace was buried in the Cathedral of Monaco in a private ceremony attended by her husband, Prince Rainer, two of their children and members of the former American actress' family.

The interment Tuesday took place in the underground crypt of the cathedral, where other members of Monaco's royal Grimaldi family also are buried.


The burial was originally expected Saturday after funeral services for the former Grace Kelly. But at Rainier's request, the crypt was modified so that his body will lie next to his wife of 26 years after his own death.

Grace's body had been lying in state in the cathedral since the funeral.

In addition to Rainier, Grace's daughter and son, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert attended the burial.

Her third child, Princess Stephanie, remained hospitalized from a fractured neck vertebra suffered in the Sept. 13 car accident in which Grace suffered a stroke. She died the next day.

Peggy Levin, one of the princess' sisters who traveled from the United States to attend the funeral, was also present at the burial.

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