Harold T. Sakata, a former weightlifter and professional wrestler...

HONOLULU -- Harold T. Sakata, a former weightlifter and professional wrestler who gained international fame for his role in a James Bond film, died Thursday of cancer at St. Francis Hospital. He was 62.

Sakata, the oldest of 10 children, who was born in Kona on the island of Hawaii, won a silver medal at the 1948 Olympics in London, when he tied for first in the 181-pound weightlifting class. He was given the silver because he was a pound heavier than his opponent.


He was discovered and tapped by movie producer Harry Saltzman and director Guy Hamilton for the role of 'Odd Job' in the 1964 movie 'Goldfinger,' while he wrestling as 'Tosh Togo.'

Though the character 'Odd Job' was electrocuted in the film, Sakata won enduring fame for his portrayal of the huge, psychopathic bodyguard who decapitated people with his steel-brimmed, razor-sharp bowler hat.

In recent years, Sakata appeared on television, playing a major role in the 'Sarge' series, and appearing in 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'Police Woman,' 'Batman' and other shows and commercials.

In his Odd Job attire, Sakata appeared as a special guest at this year's Academy Awards, when James Bond film producer Albert Broccoli was honored.


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