Student leader Rusty Martin, who has failed to register...

WASHINGTON -- Student leader Rusty Martin, who has failed to register for the draft, said today he expects to be indicted and put on a 'show trial' to 'frighten and terrorize' the more than 600,000 others who have not registered.

Martin, student body president at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, said the only reason the government has draft registration 'is to test the waters for a draft. The purpose of this draft is to force the American poeple to fight another war which they don't support.'


Selective Service Director Thomas Turnage told Congress Wednesday 93 percent of men born between 1960 and 1963 and 87 percent of those born in 1964 have registered for the draft. He said more than 8 million men have registered and there are about 674,000 non-registrants.

Martin, appearing on the CBS' 'Morning News,' said non-registration is increasing. 'I'd like to point out that those people registered only under threat. ... We have strong support from people who registered for the draft because they know that through resistance we'll be able to stop it.'

Asked if he expected to be indicted for failng to register, Martin said, 'Oh, yes. I think I'll probably be one of the 20 to 40 people who will be indicted in show trials -- trials like in the Soviet Union -- not so much designed to show the guilt or innocence of one person but to frighten and terrorize all these other people because it is impossible to try them all.'


Asked what the government can do to change the minds of those opposing registration, Martin said, 'They can get people to trust Ronald Reagan and support the principles of his foreign policy, but I think that's impossible.'

'People in Iowa just don't identify with what Ronald Reagan has defined as our national interest,' he said.

Martin also disagreed with the contention that registration is needed to be prepared in the event of a war.

'Part of the reason there is no war is because there is no draft,' Martin said. 'That program has just fallen apart. It is impossible to enforce. People have rejected it out of hand and I think with activities like draft resistance you can force the government to bring their case to the public next time so they can't get away with a gradual escalation.'

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