No, that's not the zookeeper

July 27, 1982
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CHICAGO -- Otto, a 17-year-old, 450-pound African lowland gorilla, escaped while zookeepers were cleaning the inside of the Great Ape House at Lincoln Park Zoo and wandered off to see the sights.

Otto scaled a 10-foot Plexiglas wall Tuesday and treated himself to a 15-minute jaunt through the zoo before being discovered and captured.

It was the second such caper by a gorilla in as many months.

'They locked him outside,' zoo spokesman Don Garbarino said. 'Just a rubber flap separates the outside from the inside.

'No one saw it, but obviously he climbed the enclosure. He won't be put outside again.'

Garbarino said Otto first made his way to the primate house and then went to the zoo's main building.

Keepers found him on the roof 'just looking around and taking in the sights,' Garbarino said.

Otto was tranquilized and returned to the enclosure.

Kambula, a 6-year-old, 150-pound gorilla escaped from the enclosure two months ago in the first such incident since the Great Ape House opened more than five years ago, Garbarino said.

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