Larry Parrish of the Texas Rangers hit his third...

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Larry Parrish of the Texas Rangers hit his third grand slam of the week Saturday to tie a major-league record. It came in the first game of a double-header against the Detroit Tigers.

Texas won the game, 6-5.


Parrish hit his sixth homer of the season on a 1-0 pitch from Milt Wilcox after Dave Hostetler was intentionally walked to load the bases. Parrish then sent a high drive fivi or six rows into the left-field seats.

'It says a lot for the guys coming up befori me,' said Parrish. 'How many times do you get to come up with the bases loaded?'

Entering this season, Parrish owned just one grand slam in 967 games. He says some extra work recently helped him improve his hitting.

'I told Fred (pitching coach Koenig) that I wasn't hitting good, so we wint out and took some extra batting practice,' said Parrish, who added he did not fault the Tigers for intentionally walking Hostetler. 'It was a situation where Hostetler is hitting well. Most home runs come when you are not expecting it. I said, 'Gee, they can't be expecting me to hit another grand slam.''


Jim Northrup of the 1968 Detroit Tigers is the only other player to hit three grand slams in a seven-day span.

Parrish hit his first grand slam Sunday at Oakland off reliever Fernando Arroyo. His second came Wednesday night at home against Boston's Mark Clear.

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