Bronson farm is a horse of a different color, says IRS

WEST WINDSOR, Vt. -- Movie actor Charles Bronson and his actress wife Jill Ireland say their Vermont horse farm is a legitimate business. The Internal Revenue service says it isn't.

The Bronsons are appealing the IRS ruling.


The couple, who bought the Arabian horse farm in the early 1970s, have appealed the IRS assessment for 1977 and 1978 and deny they owe the federal government $148,581 in taxes.

Zeuleika Farms earned a gross income of $2.7 million in 1977 and $926,174 in 1978, according to papers filed in U.S. Tax Court in Washington. The couple took a business deduction of $293,458 for running the farm, but the IRS claims the horse farm is not a business.

But farm manager Jane Ashley said Wednesday there are now 25 horses on the 200-acre farm; half being boarders, half belonging to the Bronsons. Ms. Ashley said there was 'absolutely no doubt' the Bronson farm is a business.

The couple is reportedly spending the summer at the West Windsor farm.

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