Salvador takes toll on journalists

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- Ten journalists have died and at least nine others were wounded in the last 30 months covering El Salvador's brutal civil war. Eight others, including six Monday, have disappeared.

The casualty list includes:


-- Salvadoran journalists Jaime Suarez Quemain and Cesar Najarro were tortured and slain by unknown assailants July 12, 1980. Both men worked for the now-defunct opposition newspaper, La Cronica.

-- Mexican freelance journalist Ignacio Rodriguez Terraza died August 28, 1980, after being hit, apparently by a stray bullet. He worked mostly for the Mexican daily newspaper Uno Mas Uno.

-- Ian Mates, a South African cameraman for UPI-TN, died of shrapnel wounds to the head after the car he was driving in January 1981 hit a land mine planted by leftist guerrillas. Two American photographers riding with him were wounded.

-- Olivier Rebbot, a French photographer on assignment for Newsweek, was shot by a rebel sniper in San Francisico Gotera Jan. 13, 1980. He was evacuated to a hospital in Miami, but died in February of the same year.

-- Four Dutch journalists working for Radio-Telvision News of Holland were shot to death in northern Chalatenango province in March when meeting leftist rebels. The armed forces claim the four were caught in a crossfire between an army patrol and the guerrillas, but another Dutch journalist who dropped the four off claims they were ambushed.


-- A Chilean working for Six Chile television was shot and killed by a stray bullet March 28, election day, in a firefight between soldiers and rebels.

A total of nine journalists were wounded during the same 30-month period.

Among the missing are American John Sullivan, who disappeared from the Sheraton Hotel in San Salvador hours after his arrival in the country Dec. 28, 1980. He was on assignment for Hustler magazine.

Rene Tamsen Aparicio, a Salvadoran naturalized U.S. citizen working for a radio station, disppeared February 1980.

Six journalists, including Julian Harrison, a British citizen employed as a cameraman for UPI-TN and a resident of Hillsborough, N.C., disappeared Monday while covering an insurgent attack north of San Salvador. Witnesses said they were marched away by guerrillas, their hands in the air.

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