Kermit the frog speaks at Harvard

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- What's green and black, famous, and speaks into a microphone?

Why it's none other than Kermit the Frog regaling Harvard University seniors with his inimitable wit and charm.


Yes, the friendly frog had his day in the august and venerable halls of Harvard Monday when he gave some words of wisdom to several hundred seniors about to head into the real world.

'I've been in hollowed halls before,' he said, gesturing at the dark carved oak stage in Sanders Theater, 'but this is the hollowest.'

Speaking at pre-commencement activities, he thanked the students for the rainy weather, saying 'it's perfect -- perfect for frogs that is.'

Then Kermit got down to the business at hand -- giving the students some pointers on life after college.

He spoke of the pain of transition in leaving college, and likened it to changing from a tadpole to a full-fledged frog.

'You don't know the pain of puberty till you feel your tail fall off,' he told the students. 'As you set sail on the great vacation of life, think of Harvard as your travel agent.'

Though Kermit appeared to have the audience right where he wanted them, he did appear miffed when he was presented with a Harvard T shirt and hat.


Portraying that famous Kermit crumple, the world's foremost frog said he was expecting an honorary degree.

Kermit was accompanied by his bodyguard Jim Henson of the Muppets, whose daughter Lisa is a Harvard senior.

Harvard seniors graduate Thursday.

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