The wife of a prominent Fort Worth gynecologist told...

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The wife of a prominent Fort Worth gynecologist told a jury Wednesday she shot and killed her husband in self-defense during an argument over his strange sexual appetite.

Pamela Fielder is accused in the shooting death of her husband, Dr. Darwin Fielder, at their luxurious Fort Worth house July 23, 1981.


She is being defended by flamboyant Houston attorney Richard 'Racehorse' Haynes, and her trial is being partially financed by Fort Worth millionaire and Haynes' former client, T. Cullen Davis.

The tearful Mrs. Fielder testified Wednesday her husband's desires for sadomasochistic sex and her plans for a divorce led to the argument and shooting.

She said her husband became angry at her because she planned to turn over his collection of whips, chains and shackles to her attorney.

In an argument over this and an affair with his office receptionist, Kim Kelly, Mrs. Fielder testified her husband took a .45-caliber pistol from a cabinet in their home and 'banged' it on the coffee table.

When prosecutor Mike Worley asked Mrs. Fielder why she took the gun, she testified: 'Because I knew if I didn't he would kill me -- I knew he would!'


Worley repeatedly asked Mrs. Fielder if she killed her husband because he threatened to leave her.

Mrs. Fielder testified shortly before the shooting her husband told her, 'I love Kim, and Kim loves me, and now you can see I don't need you.'

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