Comedian Rodney Dangerfield finally got some respect. His red...

WASHINGTON -- Comedian Rodney Dangerfield finally got some respect. His red tie and rumpled shirt have been given a permanent home in the Smithsonian Institution.

The donation, which includes copies of movies, television shows and commercials in which the comedian appeared is part of the History of American Entertainment Collection. Dangerfield's memorabilia will join Judy Garland's ruby slippers from the 'Wizard of Oz,' Jimmy Durante's hat and Irving Berlin's piano.


Dangerfield's trademark is a dark suit, an oversized white shirt and a red tie with which he pretends to hang himself. He signed the gifts over in a small ceremony at the museum Wednesday.

'Even here I don't get any respect,' he said, predictably. 'I've given them the shirt off my back.'

Carl Scheele, curator of the collection, reassured the entertainer: 'I don't know about respect, but here you've achieved a degree of respectability.'

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