A government report said more than 1,700 ethnic Albanian...

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -- A government report said more than 1,700 ethnic Albanian extremists have been jailed or fined for anti-Yugoslav activities in the past year, Yugoslav parliamentary officials said today.

The Yugoslav government recently submitted its report to the federal parliament on its work in the past two years.


The report also referred to 'the counter-revolutionary activity' by Albanian 'nationalists and irredentists' in Yugoslavia's Kosovo province in March and April last year when in bloody anti-government riots at least 9 people were killed and more than 250 injured.

A total of 40 illegal pro-Albanian groups comprising about 600 people hve been uncovered in Yugoslavia, out of which 33 groups were in Kosovo autonomous province, bordering Albania.

Yugoslav courts have jailed 401 Albanian extremists, 286 of whom were sentenced by courts in Kosovo, the federal government report said. Their sentences ranged up to 15 years but an average jail term was about seven years. Another 105 suspected members of the underground pro-Albanian groups are still under investigation;in prison.

More than 1,200 people, of them more than 850 in Kosovo, have been sentenced by magistrates who can fine or jail offenders to a maximum of 60 days.


About 77 percent of Kosovos 1.6 million are ethnic Albanians and local leaders are mainly Yugoslav Albanians. The 1981 riots in the provincial capital of Pristina and other Kosovo towns forced the authorities to move in troops and police reinforcements -- the first such an action in multi-national Yugoslavia after World War II -- to keep the situation under control.

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