Comedian John Belushi left his entire estate -- at...

NEW YORK -- Comedian John Belushi left his entire estate -- at least $500,000 -- to his wife, Judith, it was disclosed today when his will was offered for probate in Manhattan Surrogate Court.

Belush, 33, died March 5 in a Los Angeles hotel suite of an overdose of heroin and cocaine.


His 22-page will was made on March 23, 1979.

It gives his entire estate after funeral and administrative expenses to his wife.

Nothing was provided for his father, Adam, who lives in Julian, Calif., or his mother, Agnes, of Addison, Ill.

In asking that the court accept the will, Manhattan attorney Joel Lipsky said Belushi had recently bought a townhouse in New York City and was in the process of moving here when he died.

He said Belushi had voted in the city and his accountant, business manager and bank account were here.

Lipsky said this because the California death certificate said Belushi was a resident of Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for Kathy Smith, the woman who was in Belushi's hotel suite the night he died, broke off a nationally televised interview Thursday night when she was asked about a report she was a drug dealer.


Lawyer Robert Sheahen stood up and ordered Ms. Smith, the last person to see the comedian alive, to stop answering questions by ABC newsman Tom Jarriel.

The interview was part of the ABC-TV program, 20-20.

Sheahen said he did not want to get involved in answering a report in People Magazine that Miss Smith was a known cocaine dealer.

'You could spend 24 hours a day confirming or denying,' he said. 'She has her life to lead and she'd like to live it.'

Before the interview ended, Ms. Smith, who is a backup singer for rock bands, said Belushi was feeling terrible the night he died and blamed everything on the food and wine.

She said that one of the last things he said to her was: 'Don't leave me. I don't want to be by myself.'

Ms. Smith, who described her relationship with Belushi as 'platonic,' said he slept in the bedroom and she stayed in the living room.

At one point, she said, she heard him making heavy breathing noises and awakened him.

She said she left the hotel a short time later because 'I had things to do.'

Meanwhile, ABC said it has decided against airing Belushi's last performance on film -- a brief 'teaser' he made for the new half-hour comedy satire, 'Police Squad.'


In the teaser, Belushi careened around a corner in a car and fell out in the street when it came to a stop.

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