Police have found one bomb and say they expect...

SAANICH, B.C. -- Police have found one bomb and say they expect to discover more as they investigate the case of a man who blew himself up in his car, injuring a police officer who had given chase.

Const. Walter Craveiro, 35, was listed in stable condition at Victoria's Royal Jubilee Hospital Tuesday after suffering severe facial and eye injuries when a suspect he was pursuing late Monday blew himself up in his car.


Killed in the explosion was Leonard Roy Emerick, 20, who was being sought in connection with earlier threats against police officers.

After the car explosion that killed Emerick, police found dynamite and other explosives in the basement of Emerick's home. The explosives were deactivated by police and two members of the armed forces bomb disposal unit.

Saanich Insp. Robin Stewart said police believed 'there are more bombs in other homes in the area' after discovering a bomb, equivalent to 75 sticks of dynamite, in a bedroom safe at Emerick's residence.

Police evacuated and searched four neighboring homes and stopped traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway near this Vancouver Island town bordering Victoria while the bomb squad worked. Residents were allowed home within an hour after the police removed the bomb from Emerick's home and found no other explosives.


'We feel sure that another person is involved,' Stewart said. 'We are looking for pipe bombs packed with gun powder. We understand Emerick had six in his possession.'

Craveiro, one of four Saanich officers who chased Emerick at high speeds for 11 kilometers, was standing at the bumper of the vehicle at the time of the blast, which threw him about two meters, the inspector said.

Stewart said Emerick had been chased after he was spotted driving erratically. The deceased was sought on a warrant for his arrest for unlawful possession of explosives in connection with earlier threats against police, he said.

Police said Emerick drove his car into a ditch after crashing through several road blocks and detonated the bomb with a six-volt battery.

The explosion 'demolished the car, sending pieces as far away as two and a half blocks, broke windows in nearby homes and threw the body of the deceased about 30 feet,' Stewart said. A police car was also damaged by the blast.

Three Saanich officers -- Consts. Mike Drisher, John Charlton and Bruce Bowles -- were treated for cuts, bruises and shock and later released.

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