In a bizarre love triangle, a man and his...

NEW YORK -- In a bizarre love triangle, a man and his girlfriend are accused of slaying his transsexual wife and dumping her body in the Hudson River, police say.

The girlfriend had dated the wife before she had her sex change operation and had financed the procedure, police said.


Detective Sergeant James Knott said the victim's husband, Robert Ferrara, and Robin Arnold, 24, were arrested Friday and charged with murdering Ferrara's wife.

The victim, Diane Delia Ferrara, 22, was shot four times through the head, police said, and dumped in the river. The body was discovered last Oct. 28.

Mrs. Ferrara had been John Delia until a sex change operation in March 1981.

Knott said that John Delia had dated Ms. Arnold, a nurse's aide. Ms. Arnold financed his sex change operation, he said.

But following the operation, Delia became romantically involved with Ferrara, a bartender, and the two later married, Knott said.

Ms. Arnold developed a relationship with Ferrara and after becoming jealous convinced him to murder his transsexual wife, Knott said. He said both suspects fired shots at the victim before dumping the body.

Ferrara, who lives in Yonkers, was arrested in Bergen County, Knott said, and Ms. Arnold was picked up at her home in Brooklyn.


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