A confessed accomplice of accused Freeway Killer William Bonin...

LOS ANGELES -- A confessed accomplice of accused Freeway Killer William Bonin has testified that he and Bonin used a T-shirt and a crowbar to strangle two boys last year.

Gregory Miley, 20, testified Friday that five minutes after they killed the first boy on Feb. 3, 1980, Bonin turned to him and said: 'I'm horny again. I need another.'


Miley, a moron who has an IQ of 56, has admitted he and Bonin strangled Charles Miranda, 15, and James McCabe, 12. He agreed to testify against his former lover in a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Miranda's body was found on a street in downtown Los Angeles and McCabe, who was last seen waiting at a bus stop on his way to Disneyland, was found dead Feb. 6 in suburban Walnut.

Under questioning from Deputy District Attorney Sterling Norris, Miley described the two slayings that took place within 14 hours of each other.


At times relatives of the victims, shaken and in tears, left the courtroom in stark contrast to the matter-of-fact testimony of Miley.

''Hey, you ever try to kill somebody before?'' Miley testified Bonin asked him. 'He kept asking me, 'Do you want to kill somebody?''

Miley told jurors how he and Bonin cruised the streets of Long Beach and then Hollywood in a van 'looking for kids.'

Miley said they picked up Miranda near a movie theatre, took him into the van and began sodomizing the boy and having oral sex.

Bonin then grabbed the boy and asked him how much ransom his father would pay, Miley testifed. But the youth got scared and began crying and then Bonin began striking him in the face, knocked him down and bound and gagged him.

Miley and Bonin then beat the youth repeatedly until the boy passed out, Miley said.

They then took the boy's T-shirt, wrapped it around his neck and twisted it with a crowbar until he was dead, Miley testified.

'Then I turned around and jumped on him,' Miley said.

Asked by the prosecutor what Bonin was doing at that time, Miley replied, 'I don't know. I was to busy killing the guy.'


After dumping Miranda's body on the street, Miley testified he and Bonin drove to Huntington Beach and picked up the McCabe boy by promising to take him to Disneyland and offering him marijuana.

Miley said they drove to a grocery parking lot where Bonin parked the van and got into the back with the boy.

For awhile, Miley said, he fell asleep and when he awoke he saw Bonin hugging and kissing the boy.

He said Bonin suddenly turned on the youth, tied him and began punching him in the stomach, leg and mouth. Miley said he also began beating the child 'because I felt like it.'

After the two men pummeled the boy into unconsciousness, Miley testified Bonin crushed the child's neck by pushing down on his wind pipe with the crowbar.

Bonin is on trial in Superior Court for a dozen slayings in Los Angeles County and is also charged with four other killings in Orange County.

Investigators doubt they will ever determine how many of the 44 killings linked in the case in which the bodies were found near freeways were actually connected.

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