Marques Johnson, the holdout star forward for the Milwaukee...

MILWAUKEE -- Marques Johnson, the holdout star forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, may pursue an acting and modeling career in hometown Los Angeles if he cannot solve his impasse with the Bucks, his agent said Friday.

'Marques wants to play basketball,' said Willie Naulls from Los Angeles.


'He's staying in shape, but he's also in kind of a holding pattern.

'In the meantime, he's had a lot of offers ... offers from the motion picture industry and from modeling agencies. There's always a distinct possibility he will go into this business.'

Johnson said last week that unless there was drastic improvement in his contract talk with the Bucks, he would sit out the entire National Basketball Association season. Johnson has two years left on a six-year contract he signed as a rookie out of UCLA.

Naulls said in Saturday's edition of The Milwaukee Sentinel that this was not a ploy on Johnson's part to get the Bucks to move.

'These are very serious offers. The opportunities are there,' he said. 'And Marques is interested in acting and modeling.'

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