Libyan hit squad victims

A chronology of Libya's terror campaign against opponents of Col. Moammar Khadafy and a list of the victims.

There have been 10 killings -- four in Rome, one in Milan, two in London, one in Bonn, one in Athens, one in Provo, Utah.


March 21, 1980 -- Libyan businessman Mohamed Salem Rtemi found dead in Rome.

April 11, 1980 -- Libyan journalist Muhammad Mustafa Ramadan, 25, shot dead in London.

April 19, 1980 -- Libyan businessman Aref Abdul Gelie shot dead in Rome cafe. Police arrest Libyan Yousef Msallata Vidha, and quote him as saying Gelie was 'an enemy of the people and of Khadafy, which is one and the same thing.'

April 25, 1980 -- Libyan lawyer Mahmoud Nafa, 40, shot dead in London.

April 27, 1980 -- Khadafy warns opponents abroad to return home by June 10 or face death by his assassination squads, but says killings have already begun.

May 10, 1980 -- Omran el Mehdawi, 43, former diplomat at the Libyan Embassy in Bonn shot to death in a Bonn shopping center.

May 10, 1980 -- Abdallah Mohamed el Kazmi, a Libyan exile who asked for Italian citizenship, killed in Rome.


May 20, 1980 -- Mohamed Foud Buohjar, 55, a merchant from Tripoli, is found dead in Rome with note signed 'Libyan Revolutionary Committees operating in Rome.'

May 21, 1980 -- Athens police find body of Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr el Kimyas, 23, a former junior Libyan army officer and outspoken opponent of Khadafy.

June 11, 1980 -- Libyan businessman Mohammed Lahderi Azzedin, 56, a resident of Italy, shot fatally in Milan. Earlier the same day, Mohamed Bygte was wounded n Rome by a gunman shouting 'Khadafy, Khadafy.'

Oct. 14, 1980 -- In first reported U.S. incident, a Libyan graduate student at Colorado State University, Faisal A. Zagallai, 35, a critic of Libyan regime, shot and seriously wounded in his home in Fort Collins, Colo.

May 1981 -- Referring to Libyan 'assassination squads,' Reagan administration orders closing of Libya's Washington embassy and expulsion of Libyan diplomats.

July 17, 1981 -- Libyan student Nabil Abuzed Mansour, 32, found shot to death at Weber State College, Utah.

October 1981 -- U.S. Ambassador to Italy Maxwell Rabb is called home and given round- he clock guard when he returns to Italy. Ambasaddor to Vienna has been given similar protection.

Nov. 12 1981 -- Gunman fires at acting U.S. Ambassador Christian Chapman. Chapman survives. Secretary of State Haig links assassination attempt to Khadafy.


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