Miami's mayor was forced into a runoff Tuesday and...

By D'VERA COHN, United Press International

Miami's mayor was forced into a runoff Tuesday and Houston's was tossed out of office. But Hartford voters chose New England's first elected black mayor, and Mayors Coleman Young of Detroit and Ed Koch of New York easily won re-election.

Cleveland Mayor George Voinovich, running in a non-partisan race, easily won another term -- a rare bright spot for Republicans in a spate of elections held in Democratic-dominated urban areas. Incumbents were generally favored, and turnout was light to moderate in many cities.


Fifteen major cities held mayoral elections, with most campaigns dominated by local issues and not by President Reagan and his economic policies.

In the major contests:

New York -- Democrat Ed Koch easily won his bid for re-election over half a dozen minor party challengers to become the first mayor in history elected as the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties.


Miami -- Mayor Maurice Ferre was forced into a runoff with former City Commissioner Manolo Reboso, at one point holding only a 12-vote lead. Since neither had a majority, they will meet in the runoff Nov. 10. Ferre, son of a wealthy Puerto Rican industrialist, was hurt by Miami's highest-in-the-nation crime rate. Reboso is seeking to become the nation's first Cuban-born mayor.

Hartford -- Two-term Democratic State Rep. Thirman Milner, helped by overwhelming Democratic registration in Connecticut's capital, defeated a maverick deputy mayor to become the first popularly elected black mayor of a New England city.

Houston -- Mayor Jim McConn lost his bid for a third term, finishing a poor fourth in a 15-candidate field. A runoff is set for Nov. 24 between City Controller Kathy Whitmire, the first woman to make a serious bid, and Sheriff Jack Heard, who ran on a law-and-order platform.

Buffalo, N.Y. -- Voters easily re-elected Mayor James Griffin, a Democrat with the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative and Right to Life parties.

Albany, N.Y. -- Democrat Erastus Corning II, 72, -- whose 40 years in office make him the nation's longest-serving mayor -- won his 11th four-year term over Charles Touhey, 36, a Democrat running on the Republican line. Eight years ago Corning beat Touhey's father for mayor.


Syracuse, N.Y. -- Three-term incumbent Democrat Lee Alexander won his bid for a fourth term against City Auditor Roy Bernardi, a Democrat with the GOP nomination.

Pittsburgh -- Democratic Mayor Richard Caliguiri won by a landslide over token opposition from Republican Fred Goehringer.

Detroit -- Popular black politician Coleman Young won a third term.

Louisville -- Despite being outspent, former Mayor Harvey Sloane, a Democrat, won a landslide over Republican George Clark, founder of the Burger Queen fast food chain.

Cleveland -- Republican Mayor George Voinovich easily outdistanced Democratic State Rep. Patrick Sweeney to win re-election.

Minneapolis -- Mayor Don Fraser, a former Democratic congressman, defeated Independent-Republican Mike Barros by a 2-1 margin.

Phoenix -- Margaret Hance, the two-term Republican incumbent, won easy re-election to an unprecedented fourth term.

Spokane, Wash. -- City Councilman James Chase hoped to become the city's first black mayor by defeating former Councilman Wayne Guthrie.

Seattle -- Mayor Charles Royer was heavily favored for re-election over Sam Smith, the black president of the City Council.

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