Police say suspect committed suicide

HANOVER, West Germany -- Police reported the suicide Sunday of a right-wing extremist arrested in connection with the discovery of 30 arms caches believed to belong to neo-Nazis.

Premier Ernst Albrecht of the state of Lower Saxony said the caches are proof of the growing militancy of neo-Nazis and a sign they were planning new attacks.


Police said the caches were uncovered last week in the Lueneburger Heide, a moorland in the north of Germany, and other places in Lower Saxony.

The prime suspect, Heinz Lembke, a 44-year-old forest ranger known for his neo-Nazi links, was picked up Tuesday. Police said he hanged himself in his cell Sunday morning.

Police said an arms cache found by chance last Monday led to Lembke's arrest and the discovery of the other caches.

In the caches were submachineguns, pistols, hand grenades, 275 pounds of explosives, 40 anti-tank bazookas and 13,000 bullets, police said.

Most of it came from West German army stocks.

The Lueneburg prosecutor's office said Lembke had been questioned last year in connection with the bombing at Munich's Oktoberfest annual fall carnival in which 13 people were killed and 213 injured.

There was suspicion Lembke provided the explosives used in the bombing, but no evidence was found and he was not charged, the office said.

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