The Montreal Expos knew that losing the first two...


LOS ANGELES -- The Montreal Expos knew that losing the first two games of the National League Championship Series would take them into the land of no return.

Wednesday night's 3-0 victory over Los Angeles snapped the Expos' 10-game losing streak in Dodger Stadium and appeared to put them firmly in control of the series as they returned to Montreal for the final three games.


The Montreal locker room was not the scene of a big celebration following the win. Rather, the Expos appeared happy just to be leaving Los Angeles with a single victory.

Ray Burris scattered five hits in shutting down the Dodgers and leading the Expos to the victory. The 6-5, 200-pound right-hander said it was the biggest win of his seven-year major-league career.

'This is very gratifying,' said Burris, who has played with the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and New York Mets.

'I've played for a number of a managers and a number of clubs,' he said, 'and this has to be the greatest experience of my career.'

Burris had faced the Dodgers twice during the regular season, being shelled for six runs in the first game and giving up two in the second meeting. He said he learned that a pitcher shouldn't challenge the Dodgers and their fastball-hitting lineup.


'Tonight I mixed my off-speed pitches,' Burris said. 'I used a slider, changeup and curveball. Earlier this year I went with mostly the hard stuff and they clobbered me.'

Catcher Gary Carter, who had two hits in four at-bats, said the win changed the momentum of the series and put the Expos in control.

'We feel very confident now with three games in Montreal coming up,' he said. 'We are as confident there as the Dodgers are here.'

Carter said the teams are a contrast with the experienced Dodgers facing the relatively inexperienced Expos.

'The Dodgers are a veteran club and we aren't,' Carter said. 'The Dodgers have been here before and we haven't. Right now, they're operating on experience and we seem to be running on adrenalin.'

First baseman Warren Cromartie, who drove in one of the Montreal runs with a double in the second inning, said that while the Expos are confident, they won't be overconfident in the three-game weekend series.

'You've got to give us credit,' said Cromartie. 'We went out and swung the bat and simply beat them.

'Now it's a different series. Our chances are good but you'd better believe that the Dodgers aren't going to die on us.'


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