Mitzi, the Los Angeles exotic dancer who wowed the...

KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- Mitzi, the Los Angeles exotic dancer who wowed the crowds at a local pub with her innovative use of ping pong balls, a flute and cigarettes, will stand trial Jan. 12 on a charge of committing an indecent act.

Michelle Pradia, 22, who dances under the name of Mitzi Dupree, pleaded not guilty during a brief appearance in Kamloops Provincial Court Friday.


The charge was laid Wednesday after RCMP officers watched what patrons have called an 'incredible' act at the Bar-K tavern.

Bar-K owner Ronald Thompson hired the stripper two week ago to boost business during the slack daytime hours. She certainly did that.

Patrons packed the house daily to see Ms. Pradia -- utilizing parts of her anatomy other than her mouth or hands -- perform stunts such as play the flute, smoke a cigarette and pop ping pong balls into the audience.

She continued to perform after she was charged, but stopped using 'props,' said Thompson. Her two-week contract expired Friday.

Thompson said Ms. Pradia was upset with all the publicity about her act and with the charge laid against her.

'She's not a drinker, she doesn't do drugs,' he said. 'All she does is dance and shoot ping pong balls and send half her money home to her mother who has cerebral palsy.'


Kate Lynch, owner of the Choice Entertainment booking agency in Vancouver which handles Ms. Pradia's engagements, agreed there had been an apparent miscarriage of justice.

'She's straight as a string,' she said. 'She's like a nun herself, but her show is something different.'

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