A 165-pound bomb ripped through an empty schoolhouse in...


BEIRUT, Lebanon -- A 165-pound bomb ripped through an empty schoolhouse in south Lebanon today, a day after a massive explosion killed 83 people and wounded 225 others in predominantly Moslem west Beirut, a rightist radio reported.

The Voice of Lebanon broadcast said there were no casualties in the latest blast in the the village of Jarjouh, 12 miles southeast of the southern coastal town of Sidon.


The bomb exploded before teachers and students arrived at the school, the radio said, adding the building was damaged.

The blast came a day after explosives packed in a car blew up outside Palestinian and Lebanese leftist guerrilla offices in west Beirut, killing 83 people and wounding 225 others in the most devastating attack of what one PLO official called a 'secret war' inside Lebanon.

A second blast killed one person and wounded another Thursday in south Lebanon.

The Palestine Liberation Organization charged Israeli agents exploded the Beirut car-bomb, but the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners, a shadowy rightist group behind seven other recent bombings, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bomb tore through a narrow street crowded with shoppers and militiamen from nearby PLO offices and was followed within hours by a second killer explosion in the Palestinian stronghold of Nabatiyeh.


Six other cars loaded with hundreds of pounds of explosives were found and defused in Beirut and Sidon in what was intended as a devastating blitz against Palestinians and leftist Lebanese militiamen by rightist terrorists.

Palestinian sources said 83 people were killed and 225 wounded in the bombing in Beirut and one person was killed and another wounded in the Nabatiyeh blast in southern Lebanon.

Despite the telephone call claiming responsibility, PLO central committee member Shafik Al Hout charged at the United Nations that Israeli agents had planted the car-bomb in West Beirut and he considered it 'a serious violation of the cease-fire agreement' with Israel in July.

'It seems now it is sort of a secret war,' he said at a news conference.

In Beirut, a leader of the leftist Lebanese National Movement Muhsin Ibrahim accused Lebanese intelligence and right-wing Phalanists of 'complicity' in the bombings.

The blast Thursday was the latest of a wave of terror bombings by the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon that have claimed 308 lives in two weeks.

The Beirut bomb, 220 pounds of TNT stuffed inside a car, tore the facade off buildings, destroyed 50 cars and left the street littered with debris and dismembered bodies.


Thursday's explosion occurred just 500 yards from the office of Salah 'Abu Iyad' Khalaf, the number-two man in the PLO's mainstream Al Fatah organization. The Palestinian news agency WAFA said no PLO leaders were injured.

After the blast, bomb disposal experts dismantled a second bomb weighing 330 pounds planted in another car on the same street.

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