'CHiPs' star hurt in cycle wreck

VALENCIA, Calif. -- Larry Wilcox, co-star of 'CHiPs' television series, flipped his three-wheeled motorcycle during a filming episode Wednesday afternoon and suffered a concussion and whiplash.

Wilcox was racing along the sand at the Indian Dunes recreational area in the Santa Clara Valley, about 35 miles north of Los Angeles, when the bike suddenly turned over on top of him, Barbara Zunick, an NBC spokeswoman, said.


The actor was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Filming of the segment, titled 'Anything But The Truth,' was suspended.

The spokeswoman indicated that the race across the dunes was not considered difficult. She said Wilcox, who has competed in dirt bike races, does not perform all the stunts called for in the scripts.

'NBC films a lot of the 'CHiPs' segments there, so he was pretty familiar with the terrain.' she added.

She said he was 'pretty sore right now' but hoped to be back on the set by Friday.

Erik Estrada suffered broken ribs and a fractured wrist in 1979 when a motorcycle he was riding while taping a segment of the same series flipped in an alley in the San Fernando Valley.


Estrada, who is involved in a contract dispute over his involvement in the show, was not present during filming of the accident Wednesday.

Besides 'CHiPs,' Wilox has apeared on the 'Police Story' and 'M-A-S-H' series and in the television movie, 'Raid on Coffeyville.' He was married last summer

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