Hijacker of Iranian boats pledges more attacks

PARIS -- The leader of the commandos who hijacked an Iranian gunboat last week said Friday that anti-Khomeini exiles have plans for similar actions to fight the 'black terror' ruling Iran.

'As the American naval commander John Paul Jones said during the war of independence, 'I have not yet begun to fight',' said Kamal Habibollahi, an admiral in the navy of the late Shah.


In Tehran, the state-run radio said one member of the opposition Mojahideen Khalq guerrilla group and a Revolutionary Guard were killed in a clash in the northwestern city of Tabriz.

The radio said 10 persons were arrested in government raids on hideouts of the Mojahideen and Peykar, another opposition group, in Tehran. The raids followed a major attack on a Mojahideen hideout in Tehran Thursday in which six people were killed.

Asked if he would launch another action similar to the Aug. 13 hijacking at the Spanish port of Cadiz of one of three French-built patrol boats being delivered to Iran, Habibollahi said, 'Yes, we have plans, but I cannot disclose them.'

Iranian exile sources said the opposition group Azadegan, which claimed responsibility for the hijacking, was considering staging an attack on the Iranian embassy in Bonn, West Germany.


Habibollahi said that unlike his fellow hijackers he did not ask for political asylum in France when they surrendered at the Mediterranean port of Toulon Wednesday.

He said he will leave for an undisclosed location within five days - when his seven-day French visa runs out -- to continue fighting against the 'black terror currently ruling Iran,' a reference to the robed Moslem clergymen who control the country.

France granted asylum to the commandos despite an Iranian demand for their extradition.

Azadegan, which was founded by former Iranian army commander Gen. Bahram Aryana, is 'an independent military organization seeking restoration of democracy in Iran,' Habibollahi said.

The Iranian people should be given the chance to decide whether they want a return to the consitutional monarchy of the late Shah, he said.

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