New IBM personal computer available in October

By MARIANNA OHE, UPI Business Writer  |  Aug. 12, 1981
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NEW YORK -- IBM Corp. said today it will begin marketing in October a new personal computer with powerful storage capacity ranging in price from about $1,565 to $6,000.

IBM Vice President C.B. Rogers Jr. told a news conference the computer will be sold through Sears, Roebuck and Co., ComputerLand dealers, IBM's own product centers, and a special sales unit in the company's Data Processing Division.

'The computer is designed for all seasons, to be used by anyone without any previous computer training, in homes, schools and offices,' Rogers said. 'We believe its quality, high performance, and ease of use make it the most advanced, affordable personal computer in the marketplace.'

Rogers said features which make the computer highly competitive include 'faster processing than most, greater storage and higher flexibility.'

He said the computer will use an adapted version of Microsoft's DOS operating system and BASIC programming language, to be accompanied by easy-to-understand operation manuals.

IBM will offer a program library that 'will grow with the creativity of the user,' Rogers said. The company has established a new personal computer software publishing department to publish programs written by IBM employees, as well as those accepted from independent software companies and outside authors.

The computer can generate and display charts, graphs, text and numerical information for home and business applications, including manuscript and letter storage; entertainment and educational games; financial analysis and budget planning.

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