A kidnapped 12-year-old girl who suffered repeated sexual attacks...

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A kidnapped 12-year-old girl who suffered repeated sexual attacks by her captor over a five-month period was released and the suspect was arrested, police said Wednesday.

George J. Dailey, 36, a city maintenance worker, was arrested early Wednesday on charges of kidnap and sex offenses following the release of the girl, Jeana Rodriguez, near her home Tuesday.


Police Lt. Tom Seck said the girl, kidnapped by a man in a truck who had stalked a schoolbus late in February, said she had been tied up and locked in her captor's home whenever he left.

The girl was in good physical condition when she walked up to her front door about noon Tuesday after being released nearby. The kidnapper told her she was leaving, blindfolded her and drove her home.

'Look who's at the door,' her 7-year-old brother yelled when she appeared at the door.

'I was hugging her and crying,' said her father.

'I didn't think I'd ever see he again,' her mother cried.

Seck said information given by the girl led them to search the residence of Dailey and evidence found there resulted in his arrest.

The girl suffered repeated sexual attacks, Seck said.


'She is very reticent to talk about some of these experiences in front of her parents,' Seck said. 'That is natural. However, she was very cooperative with us and did a good job. She was molested a number of times.'

Police said she was kidnapped Feb. 27, shortly after stepping off a school bus near her home by a man who sat in a truck on side street 'lying in wait.'

The FBI conducted a nationwide search for the girl, and local police made a door-to-door search of several neighborhoods after her disappearance. Rural areas were searched by aircraft and posses on foot and horseback.

The family and friends raised $7,000 reward for her return. A psychic told them the girl was dead.

But somehow the family clung to hope and she appeared at the door while the father was preparing to pass out circulars about his daughter again at a coming fair.

The mother said Jeana was ashamed about her experience and wanted to move away from the area where they live.

'She wants to erase the memory of what happened, make a new start,' the mother said.

The kidnapper told her not to talk about her experiences in his house, the girl said.


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