A gunman shot and killed a member of the...

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- A gunman shot and killed a member of the Yugoslav Embassy staff and wounded another in a pub early today, an Embassy spokesman said.

He said Stojan Djeric, 44, an accounting clerk, was struck in the head and died en route to the hospital.


Rego Zuko, 25, who was recently added to the Embassy staff to replace a reception clerk wounded in another shooting, was shot in in the hand while trying to ward off the gunman's pistol. He was only slightly wounded.

The manager of the White Horse pub near the Brussels stock exchange said the shooting occurred about 4 a.m.

'There were about half a dozen clients left when a man burst into the place and opened fire on the two Yugoslavs,' he said. 'I didn't even see the pistol before the shots rang out,' he said.

After the shooting, the gunman disappeared as quickly as he had intruded into the cafe, he said.

'Zuko could not recognize the gunman as he had arrived only recently in Belgium,' the spokesman said,' but Djeric might have been able to do so.'

'There should be no doubt left now that there are men hiding in Brussels and in Belgium who are out to murder Yugoslavs just because they are Yugoslavs,' the Embassy spokesman said said.'


He said that the Embassy Monday made a new approach to the Belgian government to insist on maximum protection measures after someone last week threw a firebomb into the show window of the 'House of Yugoslavia' folk art and specialty shop. A neighbor awakened by the noise of breaking glass discovered the attempt and gave the alarm before fire could spread.

Today's shooting occurred 10 days after a gunman injured two members of the Embassy, economic attache Blagoje Anakioski, 40, and reception clerk Franc Spindler, shooting them in the Embassy lobby. The two are still in the hospital.

In February, an explosive charge damaged the office of the Yugoslav airline in Brussels, followed by a fire destroying the Yugoslav tourism office in a Brussels hotel.

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