The World Games I executive committee is leaning toward...

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The World Games I executive committee is leaning toward London as the site for World Games II, it was announced Friday by Games secretary general Don Porter.

Porter also said World Games is negotiating a long-range contractural arrangement with an international organization but said he was not ready to announce publicly the name of the organization or details of an arrangement.


During a long news conference, Porter touched many bases:

-- gate receipts at World Games I have not reached expectations, although some sports were well received. 'No doubt there will be a deficit,' he said.

-- sponsorship negotiations are positive and he expects to make an announcement in a week or two.

-- some of the problems encountered in Santa Clara, Calif., site of the first Games, 'have been created by the International Olympic Committee, especially the eastern block countries.'

-- a review of all sports in World Games I will be made with the idea of adding some and dropping others.

'There is a strong possibility that the next World Games (in1983) will be held in London,' Porter said. Toronto, Canada and Seoul, Korea reportedly also are bidding for the 1983 Games.


'I believe that Toronto's chances are remote because of our leaning toward London,' Porter said.

Seoul was ruled out by Dr. Un Young Kim, president of World Games I executive committee, because that city is bidding for the 1988 Summer Olympic Games.

As for the IOC, Porter said 'I think the International Olympic Committee is very concerned about World Games. We're not competing with the Olympic Games. We support the Olympic movement.'

Asked is there was any pressure on World Games from the IOC and national Olympic committees of countries not participating in World Games I, Porter responded with an emphatic yes.

'I am specifically referring to East Block countries,' he said. 'As for the IOC, I believe some of the problems we have had have been created by the International Olympic Committee.'

The site of World Games II will be announced after a meeting of the executive committee in Monte Carlo in October, Porter said. He added the sites of the next three Games could be announced after that meeting.

'I feel World Games has a place in the world of sports,' he concluded.

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