Lady Diana Spencer's family tree has a number of...

LONDON -- Lady Diana Spencer's family tree has a number of branches that stretch across the Atlantic and include such Americans as George Washington and Humphrey Bogart.

Prince Charles's fiance also is related to Rudolph Valentino, Enrico Caruso's wife, World War II Gen. George Patton, opinion polls expert George Gallup, financier J. Pierpont Morgan and 'Little Women' authoress Lousia May Alcott.


Washington was only one of seven American presidents in her family tree, including John Adams and both Roosevelts.

Bogie is Lady Diana's seventh cousin.

'Lady Diana's relationship to Mr. Bogart is a pretty remote linkup, but it is definitely there,' said Hugh Peskett, senior geneologist of the aristocracy's guide, Debrett's.

David Williamson, senior editor of Burke's Peerage, traced her other illustrious relations.

The Bogart link was the rage of Britain's popular press today.

'Dad would have loved this,' Bogart's son Steve was quoted as saying. 'I think it's just sensational.'

'I think he'd be very amused by this,' said David Hanna, Bogart's biographer.

'That's news to me,' said a laughing Buckingham Palace spokeswoman.

The tough-guy American movie actor and the 20-year-old blonde British aristocrat who may one day become queen are linked through the two daughters of Joseph Morgan, a pioneer New England farmer who died in 1704.


One daughter, Martha, is an ancestor of Bogart's mother Maude. The other daughter, Margaret, is an ancestor of Lady Diana's mother, Mrs. Frances Shand-Kydd.

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