Iraqis attack Abadan, set refinery afire

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Iraqi warplanes attacked the Iranian oil city of Abadan Saturday and set a refinery ablaze, the state-run Pars News agency reported.

Pars gave no details on the extent of damage, but said 29 people were injured.


An Iranian military communique, reported by Pars, said Iraqi aircraft also attacked the town of Paveh, killing four people and injured 20 others when bombs hit a hospital and residential areas.

An Iraqi communique reported air strikes against 'Iranian military targets.'

In ground fighting, both sides reported artillery and mortar duels along their 300-mile-long frontier.

An Iraqi military communique said 120 Iranian soldiers were killed in fighting over the past 24 hours. The Iranians said 62 Iraqis were killed or wounded in the fighting.

The border war between Iran and Iraq was in its 209th day Saturday.

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