Evangeline Gouletas Carey, who once claimed she was the...


ALBANY, N.Y. -- Evangeline Gouletas Carey, who once claimed she was the widow of a single marriage, actually had three husbands before she married Gov. Hugh Carey, it was disclosed Tuesday.

The latest former husband to surface was George Kaltezas, a Greek engineer now living in Athens. A spokesman said the couple married in a 1958 civil ceremony and divorced in 1963.


The Kaltezas marriage was not publicly disclosed before the Careys took their vows Saturday in a Greek Orthodox ceremony in New York City. Aides had said Mrs. Carey had two former husbands -- Frangiskos Kallaniotis and Evangelos Metaxes.

In a late afternoon statement, Carey hinted he had not known about the Kaltezas marriage before his wedding. He said he considered the situation to be 'essentially a family matter.

'I am certain in my own mind that I now possess all the relevant facts about the life and marriages of Evangeline Gouletas-Carey prior to our marriage,' he said.

'I believe her decision to be silent on her previous marriages was made in good faith to protect her child and grandchildren,' he said.

Carey aides were tight-lipped, saying it was not known if Mrs. Carey had told the governor about the Kaltezas marriage before she married him.


'This is a private matter between the two of them,' said spokesman Stephen Morello.

Asked whether there were any more former husbands, another Carey spokesman answered, 'Not that we know of.'

The Chicago businesswoman initially claimed she had been married only once to Kallaniotis, and that he had since died. A printed biography released in March by her real estate company, American Invsco, said she was married in 1955 and widowed.

However, on April 2, the day after she and Carey announced their engagement, reporters found she had also been married to Metaxes. Officials of the Greek Orthodox Church confirmed she had received ecclesiastical divorces from both men.

Kallaniotis surfaced in Los Angeles over the weekend and told reporters he did not know why his former wife had said he was dead. The two have a 25-year-old daughter, Maria Kallos Stamelos.

Officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in New York City said the Kaltezas marriage would not affect any effort by Carey, a Catholic, to have his new marriage blessed by his church.

The Catholic church must decide if the two ecclesiastical divorces would permit the Careys to be married in a Catholic ceremony. The governor has not made a formal request for such a decision, a Catholic spokesman said.


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