The chant at the last home game of the...

DENVER -- The chant at the last home game of the NHL Colorado Rockies was 'Goodbye, Miron,' but during the weekend the subject of the jeers -- the Rockies' general manager -- decided to say goodbye to the fans.

Ray Miron announced his decision to resign effective May 1.


Miron served as general manager for the team for five years.

In explaining his decision to quit, Miron said his effectiveness as a manager had been compromised by withdrawal of support from fans and the media.

'I would be less than frank if I didn't say that there were those who have made it very difficult for me to continue effectively,' he said Saturday. 'Others have been supportive. I suppose what we all have in common is that we love the game of hockey. We all want a winner and are all experts on how to accomplish that end.'

Public relations director Kevin O'Brien said Miron had been under a lot of pressure by the fans and media during the past season. He said he did not know of any pressure put on Miron by either Mark Hogan to Peter Gilbert, owners of the team, to force his resignation.


Hogan basically agreed with O'Brien's comment. He said Miron 'decided to step down on his own.'

Gilbert praised Miron's performance:

'I respect Ray Miron as a very knowledgable hockey man and as a fine human being. His willingness to work with us until May 1 and to assist us in an orderly transfer is indicative of his character and desire to help the Rockies. Ray Miron is a class guy.'

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